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UC Berkeley engineers 3D printed ‘smart cap’ to sense spoiled food

UC Berkeley engineers, together with colleagues at Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University, 3D printed a wireless “smart cap” for a milk carton that detects signs of spoilage using embedded sensors.

From 2D to 3D printed electronics

‘From 2D to 3D Printed Electronics 2015-2025’ a brand new IDTechEx Research report details the impact of the advent of consumer-level 3D printed electronics.

EIT Digital launches AM formnext start-up challenge

EIT Digital launched the formnext start-up challenge along with the international exhibition formnext 2015 aiming at young, innovative companies in additive manufacturing.

HHI and Ulsan Metropolitan City Opens UCCI to support 3D printing

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) jointly opened the Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (UCCEI) with Ulsan Metropolitan City to facilitate local 3D printing, medical automation, shipbuilding and offshore businesses.

WASP launches professional extruder adaptable to others’ 3D printers

WASP launches a new clay extruder for ceramic materials, LDM (liquid deposit modeling) that can interrupt and restart the extrusion flow and can be adapted to most of the 3D printers on the market.

EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing materials for customized medical devices

EnvisionTEC, using the 3D printing technologies, serves the medical industry with its wide range of applications for medical devices like dental drill guides, hearing aids, dental temporaries and tissue engineering scaffolds.

Smartprinting partners with FunMove to offer Free Open Source 3D Printed...

Smartprinting planned a strategic partnership with FunMove, a Korean NGO which has developed a 3D printed bionic hand and has improved version of Galileo hand under development.

LUXEXCEL completes series B- round funding with €7.5M

LUXEXCEL, the company that 3D printed functional lenses is to complete a €7.5 million series B funding.

FESPA Africa offers opportunities in 3D printing

FESPA Africa, recently offered most leading brands a chance to exhibit their 3D printing solutions to ignite opportunities in the sector and to take visitors' businesses to another dimension

RMIT’s partnership receives international award for 3D printing technology

RMIT University’s research partnership with Effusion, receives the 2015 Bosch Venture Forum Award for developing a fast 3D metal printing technology, from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, a private company that invests in start-up companies across the world.

GKN Aerospace establishes RAEng research chair to progress AM

GKN Aerospace is about to sponsor a five year Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) research chair to focus on developing additive manufacture for aerospace and other high value industrial sectors at the University of Sheffield.

Shapeways’ CustomMaker: a powerful customization tool for 3D printing

Shapeways helps shoppers to get a personalized 3D printed product by introducing CustomMaker, an innovative 3D printing tool for designers to add customization elements to their models.

New 3D printed dough to heal broken bones

Scientists at the University of Nottingham pioneer a new technique of 3D printing a “dough” that promises to heal fractured bones.

Arburg’s systems to help AM users

We have been addressing the subject of Industry 4.0 for some time now and are increasingly developing into a production system supplier for networked production in the digital factory.

Installation of a Nanoscribe 3D printer at the Swiss BRNC Center

The installation of a Nanoscribe 3D printing system at the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center (BRNC) close to Zurich opens up new opportunities regarding current and future research in nano- and microfabrication for ETH Zurich and IBM Research.