Nexeo inks with Natureworks to introduce Ingeo™ 3D

Source: Charts courtesy of NatureWorks

Nexeo Solutions, Inc., a leading global chemicals and plastics distributor, has announced that it is broadening its PLA offering from NatureWorks to include made-in-the-USA Ingeo™ 3D printing filaments. The addition expands its 3D offering which already includes specialty nylons, polyesters, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).

Nexeo Solutions is one of the only suppliers offering 3D printing integrated solutions that meet the high standard requirements of any industry. Some of our typical service offerings include: (i) Guidance on design optimization; (ii) Printing tips and tricks; (iii) Support on making the right material choice; and (iv) Offering a wide range of filaments based on materials from leading producers.

Ingeo 3D870 is the new high-heat, high impact-resistant 3D filament grade from NatureWorks that rivals ABS performance, yet prints with the ease and associated advantages of PLA: (i) Filament prints at low temperatures for greater safety and control; (ii) Prints without generation of harsh chemical odors; (iii) Eliminates the need for costly and complex heated build chambers; (iv) Excellent adhesion to build platforms enables precision printing; and (v) Minimal warpage in large parts due to superior interlayer adhesion.