NuVasive launches Modulus® XLIF® titanium implants

Source: NuVasive website video.

NuVasive Inc., a leading medical device company focused on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally-integrated solutions, has announced the launch of Modulus® XLIF® titanium implants. The new 3D-printed, fully porous device provides a differentiated offering for the Company’s flagship XLIF procedure, highlighting a continued commitment to innovation in developing first-of-its-kind technology to support its leading lateral spine procedure.

The new Modulus titanium implants are developed using additive manufacturing technology, or 3D printing, to create an organic, porous architecture that mimics the porosity and stiffness of bone for reduced stress shielding.

Modulus XLIF’s novel technology represents an advancement in the growing titanium interbody market. The implant expands the offerings used in the XLIF procedure.

NuVasive will showcase its market-leading, procedurally-integrated technologies, including the new Modulus XLIF in NuVasive Booth #713 at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting held October 25‑28, 2017 in Orlando, Fla.