AM opens up 3D printing in medical field

Endoscopic suturing head showing additively manufactured gears.

Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities within the field of medical devices. The development of the a tool for performing semi-automatic sutures in the operating theatre and a cardiac stabiliser for endoscopic heart operations demonstrates how operations can be performed faster and more safely, with the added benefit of speeding up patient recovery times.

Sutrue, a CAD and design development company, specialising in the development of medical devices for use in cardiology, developed an instrument which automatically passes any curved needle with a suture through the tissue of a patient.

ES Technology, Concept Laser’s UK distributor made the suturing device on an Mlab cusing machine using the LaserCUSING process which is particularly suitable for manufacturing delicate parts where a high level of surface quality is demanded.

The role of the stabiliser is to keep the heart muscle still at the precise point where the surgeon wants to make an intervention.

AM seems to be inspiring the experts in the field of cardiology.