OPTIS and Luxexcel offer innovative 3D automotive optical design

OPTIS, the software vendor for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization and Luxexcel, the 3D printing service for optical products, entered into a partnership to offer automotive manufacturers to create 3D-printed prototype.

To offer a complete service covering both the virtual- and real- prototyping, OPTIS and Luxexcel connected their technologies. OPTIS’ software solutions enable automotive designers and manufacturers to create the lighting and optical designs of their future products digitally. These virtual prototypes allow them to test and verify designs directly within their CAD platform. Following the digital model, optical designers can create a real optical prototype. Luxexcel’spatented Printoptical Technology enables users to get fully optically functional products with no post-processing and a really smooth surface, unlike traditional 3D prototypes. This additive manufacturing process can create lenses like micro- structures, freeform lenses, lens arrays and fresnel lenses that provide perfect performances and appearance to the lighting product.

Luxexcel allows to create different alternatives for a same component and their comparative study to choose the best optics. The deep customization of products is fully flexible to adapt optical designs to the project’s needs and doesn’t require large upfront investments. The process allows more freedom to create printable innovative shapes which are reliable. Both technology providers are hopeful that this integration of the Luxexcel material in the OPTIS library will allow automotive designers to speed up their design and prototyping process.