Optomec & HUSUN sign deal to resell Optomec LENS, China

Image: Optomec - www.optomec.com

Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems has announced that the company has signed a partnership agreement with HUSUN Technologies to resell Optomec LENS Systems for 3D Printed Metals in China. For the past seven years, HUSUN has focused on promoting advanced industrial 3D Printing solutions in China and has established a diverse customer base in Automotive, Aerospace, Academic and other industries.

Optomec LENS systems for 3D printed metals use the energy from a high-power laser to build up structures one layer at a time directly from powder metal feedstock. The LENS process can completely build new metal parts or add material to existing metal components enabling more additive applications such as repair, surface coatings, and hybrid manufacturing. Optomec LENS systems are the leading Directed Energy Deposition (DED) solution on the market. The new LENS Machine Tool Series offers affordable, high quality metal 3D printing with 10 times faster printing speed than Powder Bed Fusion systems at roughly 1/3 the price.