Optomec metal printing technology at EXPOMAQ

Optomec, a supplier of 3D Printing systems for production applications, recently declared that Industrias Viwa, S.A. (Viwa) has showcased Optomec metal printing technology at the EXPOMAQ show held in Leon, Mexico. Viwa and Centroid, a maker of CNC machine tool controllers, partnered to implement LENS 3D printing technology into a CNC vertical mill.

The hybrid CNC system represents the best in additive and subtractive technology in a single machine tool at an affordable price. Optomec metal additive manufacturing solutions are based on its industry proven LENS technology for 3D Printed metals. Under a project sponsored by America Makes, Optomec packaged LENS technology into a modular print engine which can be integrated with other metal working platforms such as CNC mills, lathes, robots, custom gantries, or table system.

The Viwa hybrid machine is a 4 axis CNC platform with laser safety upgrades for LENS additive processing. The machine’s motion is commanded by a Centroid M400 control, a PC based system with a dedicated motion processing board offering high performance and a friendly additive/subtractive user interface. With its robust construction, high performance control, automatic 16 tool changer, and additive capability, the hybrid LENS CNC system can be used for a wide range of applications.