Optomec works with Additive Manufacturing leaders

Optomec, a global presence in production-grade Additive Manufacturing solutions has announced that GE Ventures, and Autodesk, Inc. through its Spark Investment Fund, have made strategic investments in the company. The proceeds will be used to further the development, promotion and deployment of Optomec’s proprietary solutions for a range of production applications, including 3D Printed Sensors/Antenna, Advanced Electronics Packaging and 3D Printed Metal.

Optomec’s commercial relationship with GE dates back to 2005 and one of the key areas of collaboration is 3D Sensors that are directly printed onto high-value components. These integrated sensors provide critical input to structural health and have the potential to substantially reduce the life cycle cost of complex mechanical systems. Similarly, Optomec has previously worked with Autodesk using its software tools to generate design data that ultimately drives Optomec’s printers. Both companies are collaborating to develop software tools that leverage the Spark 3D printing platform in better connecting hardware and software for additive manufacturing.

The Spark Investment Fund aims to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and we believe a connected ecosystem between hardware and software is key in spurring innovation and collaboration,” said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager, Consumer and 3D Printing, Autodesk. “We’re excited to have a shared vision with Optomec in enabling additive manufacturing technology to be seamlessly integrated into conventional production platforms to advance the overall design and fabrication process.”

With such collaborations Optomec aims to offer seamless industrially hardened solutions for smooth adoption of additive manufacturing.