Organovo present data on 3D bioprinted liver

Organovo Holdings, Inc. (Organovo), a three-dimensional biology company focused on delivering scientific and medical breakthroughs using its 3D bioprinting technology has announced eight presentations at the Society of Toxicology’s 56th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, March 12–16, 2017, in Baltimore. These presentations demonstrate the broad applicability of Organovo’s ExViveTM 3D Bioprinted Human Liver and Kidney Tissues for the assessment of drug safety and the detection of multiple clinically-relevant modes of liver injury and kidney toxicity.

The presentation supports the use of the ExVive Human Liver and Kidney Tissue Models in: differentiating high-risk compounds from low-risk to evaluate the multiple pathways and mechanisms of DILI; identifying the metabolite-driven tox mechanisms of compounds such as acetaminophen in a concentration- and dose-dependent manner, thereby modeling tissue-level clinical outcomes in vitro; characterizing the role of Kupffer cells (KCs) in modulating the outcome of drug-induced liver fibrosis; demonstrating sustained metabolic capacity over time in terms of metabolic enzyme expression, metabolite formation, and gene expression levels to assess slow developing DILI toxicities; illustrating the multiple mechanisms of nephrotoxicity to evaluate the progression and subsequent recovery of tissue-level injury; and assessing the expression, polarized localization and function of renal transporters involved in drug-induced renal toxicity.

In addition, the Colgate-Palmolive Award for Student Research Training in Alternative Methods, which is supported by Organovo, will be presented to a doctoral candidate to study the dose-dependent impact of an environmental toxin and the underlying mechanisms using ExVive Human Liver Tissue.