Ørgreen introduces a cutting-edge platform, “Yuniku”

3D-printed eyewear frames designed by Ørgreen for Yuniku

Ørgreen introduces 12 new models using the most advanced 3D printing technology of its kind – in bespoke designer frames that fit any face, any lifestyle. Adding design as a key element to a cutting-edge platform called Yuniku, developed by Materialise and Hoya Vision Care Company.

3D printing is having a dramatic impact on product innovation, creating new possibilities previously impossible. Already vital in aerospace, lifestyle, fashion, design and more, Yuniku leads the way in eyewear with a state-of-the-art platform. Advanced 3D printing makes it possible to customize frames starting with the optimal optical parameters for unprecedented vision.

The name Yuniku is a phonetic pronunciation in Japanese of the word unique, honouring Hoya’s heritage in Japan. Hoya is a pioneer in the industry, the first on the eyewear market to introduce augmented reality and one of the leaders worldwide with such superior lens precision.

Ørgreen will create special designs for the platform reflecting their signature minimalistic style and inventive colour combinations.