Pennsylvania State University selects Roboze for AM

Pennsylvania State University chooses Roboze, not only for the numerous advantages offered by Roboze One+400 Xtreme, but with the aim of developing new technologies for an increasingly spread of the additive manufacturing.

ROBOZE One+400 Xtreme will be used to examine novel polymers, realize increasingly performing and custom parts according to the different needs, and enable more cost-effective equipment, while also allowing for designs not possible with traditional manufacturing.

The introduction of this innovation guarantees a high level of repeatability, smoothness of movement, positioning precision equal to 0,4 mil/0,01 mm, quietness and easy and fast maintenance.

With the purchase of the Roboze printer, the students in Penn State’s Department of Chemical Engineering will test new polymers as well as develop new formulations in order to supply multi-functionality to the printed parts. These printed parts will also be used to advance research in diverse areas such as chemical reactors where the printing can produce novel hierarchical structures to improve performance as well as provide in-situ characterization that can be customized through the build design or energetic optimization of the water purification systems.