Perstorp and 3D4makers develop Facilan™, a 3D filament

Perstorp and 3D4Makers are developing a new generation of high quality, high performance 3D filament, Facilan™ enables applications with other 3D printing materials. Also, Facilan delivers fit-for-purpose filaments for 3D additive manufacturing.

Both Perstorp and 3D4Makers saw an opportunity in the market for a novel 3D filament. By combining the deep insights of both companies into the 3D printing process along with user feedback, and after extensive testing, the Facilan portfolio has been developed. It is the first 3D printing material suitable for manufacturing applications and is aimed at companies which use 3D printing in high throughput operations as well as high quality prototyping applications.

Facilan is the world’s first soft touch 3D printing material, exhibiting better layer adhesion and the world’s best surface quality in 3D printing materials. The portfolio consists of Facilan C8, Facilan HT and Facilan Ortho, which demonstrate some of the best mechanical qualities of any 3D printing filament for their respective applications.

3D4Makers and Perstorp will continue to develop the Facilan family to bring high performance materials to 3D printing.