Pollen AM launches PAM

After five years of Research & Development, Cédric Michel and Victor Roux, the two founders of Pollen AM, have recently declared the market launch of PAM, the new-generation 3D printer. PAM is the disruptive technology to kick-start local, on demand, effortless production of unique objects. It addresses, first and foremost, all designers, entrepreneurs, artisans and creators keen to manufacture unique objects of their own design.

PAM uses only clean, environment-friendly materials and has the broadest range of materials available on the market. Pollen can also develop specific materials on demand. The PAM printer heads use autonomous and versatile technology to produce perfectly functional pieces made of composite and plant-based materials (wood, etc.), rigid or supple objects (silicones, etc.), that are ready to use without any post-processing.

For Cédric Michel, astrophysicist and co-founder of Pollen AM: “Existing additive manufacturing solutions are complex, expensive and don’t offer a really satisfying result. In addition, they are limited to producing prototypes and not pieces with immediately commercial properties and appearance. Our – patented – production process overcomes these limitations: for the first time, it is possible to manufacture perfectly functional products on demand, locally and effortlessly.”