Practical Additive Manufacturing course offered by SKZ

Practical Additive Manufacturing course offered by SKZ

German institution SKZ (‘das Kunststoff-Zentrum’, or ‘the plastic center’) has been providing training and education in the field of plastics for fifty years. The subjects are selected and tailored to fit the needs of various companies and (future) professionals.

As of September 2018 the broad education programme of SKZ will be enriched with a certified course in the field of additive manufacturing. This practical course is organised together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany.

The programme is designed to be completed in nine months and offers a detailed overview of various materials for additive manufacturing, including plastics, metals, and glass. In addition several processing technologies will be addressed in the course.

Further, the course includes education on topics such as company organisation and product management, in order to stay abreast of changes – especially with respect to fast-moving developments such as industry 4.0. The target of the education program is to enable participants to understand the process chain of additive manufacturing as a whole, starting with product development and up until the production and quality control.

More information on the Additive Manufacturing Course can be found on the SKZ website – please note this information is in German.