PrinterPrezz signs a customer agreement with SI-BONE


PrinterPrezz, Inc., a trailblazer in combining metal 3D printing, nanotechnologies and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next generation medical devices, has announced that it has signed a customer agreement with SI-BONE, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIBN), a medical device company that pioneered the minimally invasive surgical treatment of the sacroiliac joint with the iFuse Implant System®. As part of the agreement, PrinterPrezz will provide SI-BONE with development and build services for potential future 3D-printed advanced medical devices and implants.

PrinterPrezz’s unique Medifacturing™ approach provides expertise and advanced production capabilities to customers in areas where they need help most. For medical device designers, this means expert knowledge in both the operating room and the manufacturing floor. PrinterPrezz’s expertise in additive manufacturing and nanotechnology assists customers on both sides of the spectrum, helping them to meet the rapidly changing orthopedics landscape.