Prodways announces the sale of ProMaker LD-20 printer

Prodways Group announces the first sale of its new ProMaker LD-20 printer, equipped with a double projector, to a new dental client. This new machine has the fastest output of the range, printing up to 50 dental arches in less than one hour. At the same time, it also purchased another ProMaker LD-10 machine. This demonstrates a new typology of customers, who are equipping themselves directly with several machines for volume production.

Prodways Group also recorded two new sales of the MOVINGLight® V10 ceramic 3D printer launched in August 2018. These machines will mainly be used for R&D applications on new industrial manufacturing processes.

Lastly, Prodways Group has recorded one of its largest orders with the simultaneous sale of three ProMaker L5000 machines. Its large bank of machines is used in the development of an industrial process that could be rolled out on a larger scale.

These sales will generate close to €300,000 per year in recurring income from the use of these machines and their consumption of materials.