Prodways declares partnership with Cerhum

Prodways – a Groupe Gorgé subsidiary has recently declared its partnership with Cerhum, the expert in ceramic applications, to broaden its offer of high-performance materials for its MOVINGLight® technology. By targeting ceramic materials and printing processes, this partnership endeavors to offer comprehensive solutions for ceramic additive manufacturing with the aim to develop new biomedical applications.

Based on its exclusive MOVINGLight® technology, Prodways offers 3D printers able to process photoresists in addition to technical ceramic, providing as yet unequaled levels of precision, high-quality detail and finishing in the area of ceramic printing. Convinced that industrial innovation depends on the development of comprehensive solutions for each application, Prodways has partnered with Cerhum to optimize the synergy between technology and ceramic materials, and to draw on its expertise in the promising fields of orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery, and bone reconstruction.

This partnership aims in particular to market new, high-performance ceramic materials formulated specifically for the biomedical industry and developed by Cerhum. It will also make it possible to refine application processes for the other ceramic materials offered by Prodways as part of its MOVINGLight® technology, bringing exclusive benefits and great development potential for innovative industrial and biomedical applications. This partnership confirms Prodways’ strong desire to open up its technologies to leading industrial partners to develop the materials that will lead to the 3D printing of the future.