Prodways unveils Automatic Platform Loader and P1000X

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of Formnext, Prodways will present its new Automatic Platform Loader and the ProMaker P1000X systems designed to amplify the full potential of the MOVINGLight® and SLS® technology.

The new Automatic Platform Loader connects to ProMaker LD10 or LD20 series MOVINGLight® printers, providing best-in-class 3D printing accuracy and industrial-grade productivity.

Prodways’ Automatic Platform Loader facilitates up to 8 full 300 × 445mm platforms to be automatically loaded and unloaded at the finish of each job allowing continuous production overnight and weekends without manual intervention.

Designed for dental, serial production and jewelry applications, the system reduces manual work, improves the return on investment, and streamlines production workflow, to bridge the gap between mass customization and industrial production.

In order to move towards industrial productivity in SLS®, Prodways developed the new ProMaker P1000 X SLS® printer, the evolution of the entry-level industrial bestseller P1000.

The new P1000 X delivers unparallel flexibility and industrial-grade productivity to service bureaus and OEMs. It also provides a higher detail resolution, a new proprietary thermal control system and an integrated camera for remote access.