Protolabs launches polypropylene 3D printing in Europe

Digital manufacturer Protolabs has announced the launch of polypropylene 3D printing in Europe. The development of the new material for selective laser sintering allows design engineers to develop and test prototypes rapidly. It also allows for complex designs that were previously impossible in this material using injection moulding or CNC machining.

3D printing polypropylene also opens up a whole host of designs with complex geometries that were previously impossible, such as honeycomb structures to reduce weight or organic shapes such as internal channels.

Moreover, Protolabs can help a manufacturer through the complete product development cycle. From initial prototype to checking that the final design is suitable for mass manufacture using its Design for Manufacture Analysis software – which is available for its injection moulding and CNC services.

As the world’s fastest digital manufacturing resource, they can also offer on-demand production using bridge tooling for injection moulding while the manufacturer waits for their full production moulds.