PSMI’s Azoth provide on-site AM solution via RIZE 3D

PSMI (Production Services Management Inc.) has revealed as how it is reducing lead times by up to eight weeks and part costs by up to 98% with RIZE 3D printing technology.

Recognising the growth tooling applications within the additive manufacturing industry, PSMI created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Azoth, to provide on-site AM solutions through “digital tool cribs” for prototype tooling, gaging, fixtures and more.

Azoth engineers have designed and reverse engineered a range of functional service parts such as moulds, tooling and machine spares.

Azoth selected the RIZE ONE 3D printer primarily for its safe process and materials which enable it to be used in its customers’ plants, most of whom have strict safety and compliance standards. In addition, the team is leveraging the RIZE ONE’s ink marking capabilities which allow users to print features such as part numbers, instructions and QR/bar codes on parts for traceability and authenticity.