Rapid rolls out new 3D generation for hearing industry

Rapid Shape, a leading global and innovative manufacturer of professional and customized 3D printers, has revealed its new generation of 3D printers for the hearing aid industry. With the new Studio-Line HA20 II, HA30 II and HA40 II Rapid Shape will shape the market for hearing acoustics shops and labs through innovative, patented technology. The Heavy-Duty-Line offers with the HA90 speed series and the automatic platform changer PFC a highly economical combination for the industrial continuous use.

The Studio-Line is focused by low acquisition costs on beginners and shops up to medium-sized producers with fast turnaround times. The HA20 II creates several ear pieces in as little as 30 minutes, and thus enables a shop production. The HA30 II and HA40 II offer high productivity capacity. Feature of the HA30 II is the compact device dimension, while the HA40 II with a slightly larger building platform and additional technical functions can already be used by larger laboratories and producers.

The 3D printers of the studio-line are offered with optional remote maintenance that ensure an annual renewal of the Biocompatibility Certificate.