Ricoh launches RICOH AM S5500P

Ricoh releases the RICOH AM S5500P, its first 3D Printer under the RICOH brand. The RICOH AM S5500P is capable of producing high-definition and highly durable fabricated object, and employs an additive manufacturing method known as SLS. Using this technique, a powdered material is irradiated with the laser for sintering.

In addition to the polymer powder materials mainly used with the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) method, such as PA (Polyamide)211 and PA12, universally applicable and highly functional materials PA6 and PP*3 (Polypropylene) can also be used. This product fabricates automobile parts for functional tests, as well as the parts for end products. With a large modelling area of 550 mm (W) × 550 mm (D) × 500 mm (H), the RICOH AM S5500P can fabricate different kinds of parts at the same time, as well as mold large parts all at once.

Ricoh launched the Additive Manufacturing Business (AM Business) in September 2014, which mainly focuses on the 3D printers. Ricoh will add the new RICOH AM S5500P to the services it has been providing and will promote introduction of the product to customers’ design departments and manufacturing departments in order to even more strongly support the efforts of its customers for innovation in manufacturing.