RIZE introduces XRIZE desktop industrial 3D printer

XRIZE Desktop

In a giant leap to deliver flexibility and scalability to customers, RIZE INC., a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company, has announced new hardware, materials and IoT functionality: XRIZE, the world’s first true color desktop industrial 3D printer, RIZIUM CARBON and RIZIUM ENDURA materials and the RIZE CONNECT cloud platform.

XRIZE enables users to manufacture functional polymer and composite parts in full color, and since RIZE’s intelligent and innovative solutions focus on the user as much as the machine, XRIZE is easy to use, safe and enables mark-up to provide much-desired IP security, traceability and branding.

RIZIUM CARBON is an engineering-grade thermoplastic filament reinforced with carbon fiber for a superior visual finish and higher modulus. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as functional prototyping for manufacturing.

RIZIUM ENDURA is a fiber-reinforced filament providing high-accuracy and high-impact strength. It is ideal for large functional parts and is compatible with RIZE’s full-color inks.

RIZE CONNECT enables users to remotely manage and monitor their RIZE ONE and XRIZE 3D printers from any location to improve production efficiency. Users can receive notifications, queue jobs and manage an enterprise print farm from desktop and mobile devices. Using RIZE CONNECT, users can also build greater security into their parts with digital part identification and other forms of part augmentation, such as QR codes and version control for part traceability, compliance and authenticity. RIZE CONNECT will be available in 2019.