Rize receives Frost & Sullivan Award

Image: www.rize3d.com

Rize has received the Frost & Sullivan award for Best Practices in Technology Innovation for Zero-Emission Polymer Material Additive Manufacturing, North America. This award recognizes Rize for overcoming key challenges in the polymer additive manufacturing industry.

These challenges include complex, costly and potentially unsafe processes, insufficient material properties, lack of traceability and authenticity in parts and lack of functional part strength. Frost & Sullivan determined that Rize’s patented Augmented Deposition technology is distinguished in the industry because of its safe and cost-effective process that enables users to print a single part with varying material properties at the voxel level.

In addition, Augmented Deposition is a safe enterprise additive manufacturing platform for printing zero-emission polymer materials, as well as a variety of other materials. Rize has also been able to build strong functional parts. Lastly, voxel-level control provided by Rize’s Augmented Deposition process is a capability that enables users to produce digitally augmented parts for authenticity and traceability.