SAE designs AM with new high-tech book

SAE International increases focus, content on advanced manufacturing for aerospace with new, high-tech book.

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is among the hottest advanced manufacturing trends poised to transform myriad industries, including aerospace, with applications extending from the manufacturing floor to the International Space Station (ISS). SAE International casts a spotlight on AM in its new book, Design for Additive Manufacturing: Concepts and Considerations for the Aerospace Industry.

In the coming decades, growth in AM will likely be driven by production parts that leverage the design freedom afforded by AM to manufacture parts of higher performance and improved material utilization.

AM technologies have been around for three decades, yet it’s just the beginning of the revolution in the design-driven aspects of this technology. When it comes to design for AM, it is a safe bet that the best is yet to be.