Santec and AIO Robotics partners to develop new scanning technologies

07075b_d2c6bcc81e9e450a88703ddba2b0c4cbAIO ROBOTICS  formed a multi-faceted strategic partnership with SANTEC, who developed the optical fiber inspection device, to expand the 3D scanning sector. The strategic R&D plan includes the co-development of medical equipment and industrial optical image processing products.

Santec, in addition to assuming exclusive distribution of AIO Robotics products for the territories of Japan and South Korea (as of August 24th, 2015), have adopted an equity position with 500,000 shares and 4.21% voting rights within AIO Robotics Inc. It will commence a co-development with the Los Angeles based company to expand and improve their 3D scanning and 3D printing technology platforms for industry specific sectors.

AIO Robotics CEO Jens Windau says “We are thrilled at what this opportunity with SANTEC means for the future growth for both firms. The partnership enables AIO Robotics to access SANTEC’s advanced and innovative light-sensing, optical components to augment our existing accessible scanning technology with future implications for manufacturing and prototyping in a variety of sectors, particularly the medical field.”