Sciaky’s new lineup of EBAM systems at 3D Print UAE

Comparison-of-Large-Titanium-Screw-Part-6-Foot-ManSciaky, Inc.‘s, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc., new lineup of Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Systems (EBAM) are represented by EFESTO, LLC at the 3D Print UAE Exhibition & Conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

EFESTO CEO Ashok Varma, a keynote speaker at the conference, has highlighted the features and benefits of Sciaky’s new EBAM metal 3D printing systems at the event. EFESTO is also the Exclusive Diamond Sponsor of 3D Print UAE.

Sciaky EBAM’s expanded lineup includes new options for medium, large, and extra-large part applications, making EBAM the most widely scalable metal 3D printing solution in the market (in terms of work envelope) for parts ranging from 12 inches (305 mm) to 19 feet (5791 mm) in length. EBAM is also the fastest deposition process in the metal 3D printing market, based on average deposition rates of 15 lbs. (6.80 kg) of metal per hour. With a dual wirefeed option, the deposition rates can be doubled (up to 30 lbs. / 13.60 kg of metal per hour). Metals like titanium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, Inconel, aluminum, stainless steels, nickel, etc. can be used with EBAM.

Mike Riesen, general manager of Sciaky, Inc. said “Our new EBAM metal 3D printing systems provide manufacturers a variety of options to save significant time and money on the production of metal parts.”