Sculpteo acquire HP Multi jet fusion – integrating unit

Clément Moreau, CEO and Co-founder of Sculpteo affirms that “The digital transformation of the industrial sector is now a reality! By purchasing a new HP Multi Jet Fusion printer, we are showing that on-demand production can be adapted to new needs: agility, quality, and rapidity, all offered by this new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology are a real asset to build optimized manufacturing processes, where everything is possible.”

Sculpteo, leader in online 3D printing and digital manufacturing, is pleased to announce that it acquired a new unit integrating the HP Multi Jet Fusion to ensure the manufacturing of 3D printed parts in record time. Sculpteo therefore becomes the largest machine park on the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology in France. Professional 3D printing confirms a growth of 25% in 2017, reaching nearly 7 Md€ by 2020.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing solution allows to efficiently address the needs of industrials to manufacture functional prototypes, small or medium series of final parts, machines, and spare parts. Therefore, Sculpteo acquires capabilities that are essential to its clients and to the market needs: more agility, speed, quality, customization, at a better price.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing technology has also developed a proprietary system of rapid cooling of the parts after printing, as well as an automated recycling station for the powders and the supply units, thus allowing a high productivity of the system.