Siemens achieves its milestone with 3D DLE for SGT-A05

Pictured is a 3D-printed dry low emission (DLE) pre-mixer for the SGT-A05 gas turbine developed and tested by Siemens.

Siemens has successfully 3D-printed and engine tested a dry low emission (DLE) pre-mixer for the SGT-A05 aeroderivative gas turbine, with the impressive results showing a potential for significant reductions in CO emissions.

The achievements resulting from using AM to manufacture this particular gas turbine component are significant. From concept to engine test, the development is impressive for a component that requires such tight tolerances and works in high load and temperature. The DLE pre-mixer is highly complex with over 20 parts involved in the casting and assembly using traditional manufacturing methods. By utilizing Siemens qualified nickel super alloys as the AM printing material, the 3D-printed component requires only two parts and lead time is reduced by ~70%. 3D-printing of the DLE pre-mixer allows Siemens to simplify complexity in the production process, reduce external dependencies in the supply chain, and improves the geometry of the component, thus allowing a better fuel-air mix.

Siemens’ DLE solution for the SGT-A05 gas turbine reduces emissions through advanced lean burn combustion technology, eliminating the need for water injection.