SLM collaborate with AUDI for prototype manufacturing

The SLM Solutions Group AG has been collaborating closely with AUDI AG for quite some time. The company uses the selective laser melting process for the manufacture of parts for prototypes and spare parts requested extremely rarely. For example, the water adapters of the Audi W12 engine are manufactured on demand with the SLM®280.

The metal-based additive manufacturing technology opens up completely new ways in the areas of development, design and production.

AUDI AG has taken advantage of these favorable conditions and uses metallic 3D printing for special application areas. In special and exclusive series, the first components are already being manufactured using the additive SLM® method as well as are rarely demanded, original spare parts, for example, a water adapter for the Audi W12 engine. The machines of the SLM®280 series have proved to be particularly interesting in the automotive industry. The machine creates high-quality metal build parts based on 3D CAD data. The machine provides one of the largest construction spaces in its class as well as patented multi-beam technology. The machine is convincing thanks to its excellent productivity, high quality and safe powder handling.