SLM Solutions intensifies standardization work in AM


The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) has founded the Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee in the DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials.
Uniform norms and standards are an important factor for success in forward-thinking industries such as metal-based 3D printing. They improve commercial viability, help save costs in all areas, and increase product and occupational safety. In order to channel innovations and drive the development of additive manufacturing, SLM Solutions Group AG is lending its support to the Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee.

The main task of the new committee is to coordinate the development of additive manufacturing across various projects. It is also tasked with coordinating work within NA 145-04 FB “Section Additive Manufacturing”. The group also cooperates with other standards committees, taking into account economic feasibility, the state of the art, scientific insights, legal developments, financial conditions and the harmonization of technical rules across Europe and the world.

DIN is an independent platform for norms and standards in Germany and around the world. DIN helps make new innovations ready for market and explores issues like Industry 4.0 and smart cities that will shape the future.