SLV invests in GEFERTEC’s arc405 3D Metal Print machine


German research institution SLV Halle has invested in GEFERTEC’s arc405 3D Metal Print (3DMP) machine to explore the application of the technology for industrial components.

SLV Halle has had the cost of the machine subsidized by the state of Saxony-Anhalt and will look to produce large-volume metal parts for the steel and metal, rail and commercial vehicle, and machinery industries. Subsequent results of this research are set to be presented at the non-profit organization’s Additive Manufacturing Symposium this November. The machine was installed back in June.

GEFERTEC’s 3DMP technology sees parts modeled in CAD/CAM software printed from wire material, measured with built-in 3D scanning capabilities, and then machined to deliver a finished part. It has so far been made available through a four-strong product portfolio, which features machines of varying sizes and capabilities. The arc405 taken on by SLV Halle boasts 5-axis machining capabilities and can produce metal components up to 0.06m3 with a maximum mass of 200kg.