Solidscape launches S500 Printer for rapid prototyping

Solidscape’s new S500 3D printer with base takes investment casting and rapid prototyping to the next level while eliminating the need for expensive tooling by creating ultra-accurate, directly castable wax patterns. The S500 is available now along with new generation materials, Midas™, and Melt™-I.

Solidscape®, Inc., the leading producer of high precision 3D wax printers, and a subsidiary of Stratasys, Ltd., has taking precision investment casting and rapid prototyping of complex geometries to the next level with the launch of the S500 high precision 3D printer. The S500 high precision 3D printer along with new castable material, Midas™, and dissolvable support material, Melt™-I, dramatically shortens production time and can eliminate the need for expensive tooling.

The S500’s new Solidjet™ Technology builds a support structure of solid wax, allowing for organic shapes with undercuts, overhangs, thin walls and interlocking parts, and producing high-integrity castings with superior interior and exterior surface finish.

Midas provides a clean burnout with no thermal expansion and is ideal for metal casting, including stainless steel, nickel and various alloys. Melt-I, the non-toxic, hand-free dissolvable support reduces stress points on shapes with thin walls and delicate details, enabling manufacturers to produce parts with intricate or complex geometries with confidence.

The S500 was demonstrated earlier this year at the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Tokyo, Japan. The new printer and materials are available for immediate purchase.