Solvay’s Sinterline® technology with MMI Technyl®

Solvay, a specialist in advanced polyamide solutions, is strengthening its Sinterline® Technyl® polyamide 6 (PA6) offer for additive manufacturing of functional parts with MMI®Technyl® Design. This predictive simulation platform now offers a major step towards the design optimization of 3D printed technical parts.

For the first time, Solvay applied its predictive simulation solution MMI Technyl® Design to a functional 3D printed automotive part in Sinterline®– the plenum chamber for the breakthrough Polimotor 2 all-plastic engine project. Polimotor 2 aims to develop an engine weighing 63 to 67 kgs (138-148lbs), about 40 kgs (90lbs) less than today’s standard production engine, thereby lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Coupled with a deep understanding of the parameters of Sinterline® materials and SLS printing processes, the predictive performance simulations showed the plenum’s original design could be up to 30 percent lighter than originally thought possible.

“The successful validation of part performance modeling for PA6 3D printing will help boost the technology and change the traditional landscape of manufacturing,adds Dominique Giannotta, Sinterline® Program Leader for Solvay. “Enthusiastic feedback from major automotive industry players confirms their interest to accelerate this development in order to offer them a combined service in the near future.”