Stratasys unveils the FDM & PolyJet versatility at MACH

Stratasys, a global leader in applied additive technologies, demonstrates the significant time and cost efficiencies that companies from a host of industries can enjoy when implementing additive manufacturing within their production operations. Stratasys will showcase the versatility of its FDM and PolyJet technologies for the entire product development process, from fully-functional prototypes, to tooling applications and even final production parts.

Stratasys will use MACH to demonstrate how additive manufacturing can add value when replacing traditional manufacturing applications – from the optimization of tooling processes, such as high-temperature composite applications, to the significant savings achievable during the production of manufacturing tools like jigs and fixtures. The effective use of the technology for final part production will also be an important focus of the stand.

The Stratasys stand will feature five application zones displaying customer parts in the areas of: rapid prototyping, tooling, fixtures and fittings, composite tooling and production parts.

The stand will also feature the McLaren MP4-31S Formula One car. The team is using Stratasys machines to prototype, provide composite tooling and even trackside race production parts made during practice sessions, to give the team the edge during races.