STUDIO G2 introduced for engineering-grade materials

Building on the monumental success of BigRep’s STUDIO large-format 3D printer, we are excited to announce the new and improved BigRep STUDIO G2. The STUDIO G2 is made for engineering-grade materials.

The German engineered and manufactured STUDIO G2 is specially designed for industrial applications. Thanks to its new fully enclosed and insulated build envelope of 1000 × 500 × 500 (mm), fast-heating build platform, and temperature-controlled filament chamber, the STUDIO G2 has been propelled to a class of its own. With its dual extruder equipped with two 0.6 mm ruby nozzles, the printer is capable of printing large-format parts quickly in ultra-fine detail with engineering-grade materials, such as PA6/66, at layer heights as little as 0.1 mm.

The BigRep STUDIO G2 makes creating large-format, high-resolution 3D printed parts a streamlined process. The STUDIO G2 works quickly and efficiently – helping business’ deliver exceptional results.

The STUDIO G2 is ergonomically designed to fit any workspace with maximum ease of use and accessibility. Standing at an ideal height of 1765 mm, it is a sleek space-conscious workhorse machine that is optimal for all workspaces, from design labs to production floors.