Successful 1st SAMA International Forum

3D fab+print Team with SAMA’s President (Pan Jiawei, Wang Lianfeng, Alexander van Holten)

The 1st SAMA International Forum that coincided with the 2nd 3D Printing Industry Conference on 09–10 December 2016 in Shanghai, China, turned out to be a great success.
The international event in Songjiang District of Shanghai was held on December 9 by the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association (SAMA), to facilitate the exchange of knowledge of 3D Printing and promote the industry development. The positive feedback received for the one-day event, the support it received from the community, and the media proved it was a successful and important event.
Seventy academics and experts from domestic and international universities and research institutions, with over six hundreds delegates from the 3D Printing and related industries attended the international forum. Keynote speakers included the former minister for Aerospace of China, Mr Lin Zongtang, the honorary president of SAMA – academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr Dai Keirong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering – Mr Lu Bingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences – Mr Ge Changchun.
International speakers included Mr Frank Cooper from Birmingham City University, Mr Kamram A Mumtaz from the University of Sheffield, Seunghwan Joo from Hanyang University and representing from the United Nations Industry Development Organization Mr Raymond Tavares. From Industry there were representatives of Hewlett-Packard (HP), Honeywell International, EOS, Renishaw, SLM Solutions, from the media there were 3D fab+print, Antabear, TCT, Xinhua Net and the People’s Daily.