Sumitomo invests in Elementum 3D, Inc.


Sumitomo Corporation, through Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA), announced recently its investment in Elementum 3D, Inc. (Elementum or the Company), an additive manufacturing research and development company that specializes in the creation of advanced metals, composites, and ceramics. Elementum holds a patent for a metal powder blended with ceramics that enables faster printing speed, stronger mechanical properties and a wider usage of metal grades that have not traditionally been suitable for additive manufacturing. This investment will help expand the marketing and sales of Elementum’s proprietary powder.

As an investment and trading company that operates in numerous industries and markets, SCOA believes Elementum’s products have the potential to be utilized across several of the company’s business verticals, including steel, mineral resources, aerospace and tubular. It is plausible that this technology could disrupt the current supply chain altogether, seeing additive manufacturing end-users working directly with Elementum rather than traditional raw materials manufacturers.