Swinburne receives CIA award for its 3D innovation

Minister for Industry and Employment and Minister for Resources, the Hon Wade Noonan, Professor Jay Sanjayan and President of the Victorian Branch of Concrete Institute of Australia Andrew Sarkady.

Swinburne’s innovative approach to 3D concrete printing using cement and geopolymer binding systems has been recognised at the annual Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) awards.

The Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure at Swinburne has won the CIA’s Victorian award for Excellence in Technology and Innovation.

Unlike the conventional approach of casting concrete into a mould, 3D concrete printing combines digital and materials technologies to allow free-form construction without the use of formwork.

In 3D printing, the construction is through layer-by-layer addition of material, offering the ability to build components that are otherwise impossible or too expensive to build.

The researchers adapted an existing 3D printing machine to use cement materials combined with fine aggregates to build 3D structures. This prompted the machine makers to invest in making machines for construction applications.