The future of 3D printing CRM’s

DigiFabster_Constantine Ivanov
The future of 3D printing CRM's has arrived

Constantine Ivanov, Co-founder & CEO of DigiFabster wrote an article about the unrealized potential of 3D printing and in his introduction he stated: “A disruptive industry, in need of disruption and innovation”. In theory 3D printing is great, in practice there is still a lot to be won.

“We believe the 3D printing industry is what e-commerce was ten years ago: poised on the edge of changes that could take it from being a fringe consumer activity to mainstream,” Constantine starts. In his opinion placing an order should be a one-click solution, in which customer experience is of primary rather than secondary concern.

About DigiFabster
DigiFabster is a cloud platform for 3D printing companies, focused on helping businesses in the 3D printing industry. The solution they offer is the result of a need that was noticeable as they ran their initial business, called 3DPrintus, that was started in Moscow, Russia. Today, the company provide a vast array of full cycle 3D services to customers in Russia and the neighbouring countries within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

DigiFabster is a CRM for the 3D printing industry, an industry that should be beneficial to anyone who needs 3D printing services, rather than the initiated only. “Customers don’t care whther one platform or another is ‘revolutionary’, or if they are using some new piece of kit,” Constantine writes. “The minimum a customer expects is to be able to upload a design, get a quote, make a payment, and receive the order in a timely fashion.”

DigiFabster wasn’t designed overnight. “Before designing the CRM, we took a year to talk to 3D printing firms, fablabs, prototyping services and multiple other bureaus all over the world,” Constantine tells. “We set out to first fully understand the challenges before starting the design process.”

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