TIS Students work together to create 3D prosthetic hand

During a Maker Faire in Hong Kong, Mr. Todd Voykin discovered a project by an organization called “e-Nnable” which is a community made up of individuals from all over the world who create free 3D printed hands, arms and fingers for those who were either born without or lost upper limbs due to war, disease or natural disasters.

A casual conversation between the students and Mr Voykin about a little boy in Cambodia who was born without a hand has led to an after-school project where the three grade 11 students Marco, Hou Un and Daniel took up the challenge this year and found all of the information and blue prints on the “e-Nable” website. They have already produced their first prototype, printing each section of the hand piece by piece and then connecting it into a working mechanical hand with wires and elastics.

Their next step in the project is to reach out to local or regional organizations, to find an actual recipient of their 3D printed hand.