TNT Germany joins with trinckle 3D in 3D printing

TNT Germany, a delivery services company, joins in forces with trinckle 3D, a German solution provider for 3D printing to support its German customers in their additive manufacturing activities.

With trinckle 3D’s expertise in 3D printing software and services, TNT gets access to advanced technology and market competence to support their customers in the implementation of 3D printing applications.

TNT’s product manager for Value Added Services, Martin Winand says: “Due to 3D printing, the transportation needs and demands of our customers will change without any doubt in the next years. We want to shape these process adjustments actively. For this purpose we have trinckle 3D with us now – a professional partner with valuable knowledge in 3D printing technology and production.”TNT Germany trinckle3d

TNT customers are supposed to profit from this cooperation regardless of their size and industry. The interaction with TNT customers sounds particularly promising to trinckle 3D’s CEO, Florian Reichle, who wishes to push the potential of 3D printing to higher levels.

trinckle 3D has operated an online 3D printing bureau delivering across Europe for the last years and acquired advanced competence in technology and the 3D printing market. trinckle 3D, with its specialized software and production infrastructure, offers professional solutions for 3D printing companies and for companies making their first moves in this industry. Cooperating with TNT is the next step in this direction, which will probably encourage the young high-tech company in their strategic orientation.