Toray creates a technique to revolutionize 3D printing

Samples of 3D-printed objects made of spherical polyamide 6 particles

Toray Industries, Inc., announced recently that it has devised a technique that makes it simple to produce micro-level spherical particles of polyamide having high melting points (polyamide 6, polyamide 66). This new technique could revolutionize 3D printing by enabling the production of practical parts that are high strength and heat-resistant.

Polyamide particles, many of which are non-spherical shape of low melting point polyamides (polyamide 12), are used as lubricants in cosmetics and as materials in powder-based 3D printing. In order to create high-quality 3D printed objects, truly spherical particles with outstanding fluidity and uniform fillability would be ideal.

Toray has created a new technique to produce truly spherical particles at the same time with the polyamide polymerization from the monomer. As this technology enables the handle with a high-temperature condition, not only polyamide 12 of low melting point polyamide but polyamide 6 and 66 of high melting point polyamide can be straightforwardly made into truly spherical particles as well. Moreover, this technique makes it possible to control average particle sizes between several microns through several hundred microns, and then uniformly sized particles can be also made.