Trinckle provides design automation for 3D printing

The Berlin-based software company trinckle provides design automation for 3D printing – with a focus on product customization. For the PROTIQ Marketplace, the company developed a web-based configurator for inductors that enables customers to configure and order customized copper inductors in a fully digitized process.

Starting with a customized component design based on intuitive online configuration, an automatic order system, and finally additive production on-demand, the PROTIQ Marketplace operates seamlessly digital and automated. In this way, it stands out from existing solutions on the market.

For the realization of this idea, which a few months ago was still a vision, PROTIQ teamed up with the Berlin-based software company trinckle, a specialist for web-based design automation. A closer look at the use case of additive-manufactured inductors shows the advantages of digital customization opportunities.

For the production of customized copper inductors, additive manufacturing itself offers significant added value for the customer.