TRUMPF unveils TruPrint 5000 system at Formnext Fair

TRUMPF is set to present its automated 3D printing solutions at Frankfurt’s Formnext fair in a showcase featuring the TruPrint 5000 system. The high-tech company’s experts will also demonstrate how powder bed and melt pool monitoring enables quality inspection on the fly during printing. This marks a major stride towards TRUMPF’s goal of fully automated, 3D print-driven production, enhancing its skill-set in mass additive manufacturing.

The TruPrint 5000, like all TruPrint models, features Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) technology. This system works according to the multi-laser principle, with three lasers joining forces to melt the component’s geometry in the powder bed. This also improves the machining quality of materials such as titanium, as it reduces stress in the component and requires less reworking.

TRUMPF also aims to unveil a new automated method of handling lids for build and supply cylinders at Formnext.

At the Formnext fair, TRUMPF experts will also demonstrate how melt pool monitoring tech helps assure quality.