Ultimaker launches Pioneer Program

Ultimaker, a 3D printer manufacturer, has recently made the official launch of the Ultimaker Pioneer Program. The scheme introduces 3D printing and design to North American students – both K-12 and higher education.

As part of the Pioneer Program, educators (‘Pioneers’) can access 3D printing content on the Ultimaker Education website, which can be shared with students. The site welcomes contributions, and users maintain content ownership through Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike and Non-Commercial licensing. Through the Ultimaker Education site, educators throughout North America have access to resources and knowledge that are not commonly available.

The Ultimaker Pioneer Program is the first of its kind. It unites North American educators, enabling them to share 3D printing knowledge with students and other educators alike. Geoff Frankl, Technology Coordinator at IvyTech Charter School at Moorpark, California, states: “The greatest benefit of this program is the facilitation of collaboration and innovation amongst education professionals in the field of 3D design and manufacturing.” All of this will translate into modern curricula involving this burgeoning technology, the paramount goal of which will be transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s well-trained and globally-competitive employee or entrepreneur.”