Ultimaker unveils Cura Connect for digital fabrication

Leading 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has announced the availability of Cura Connect within Ultimaker Cura, the seamless print management software solution that helps to prepare files for digital fabrication.

New functionality within Ultimaker Cura enables users to manage an array of Ultimaker 3D printers, creating an accessible solution for prototyping, tooling and small-scale production. Cura Connect is now available for free through a firmware update and allows users to immediately take advantage of optimizing output from Ultimaker 3 printers, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Cura Connect is especially useful for organizations that use the Ultimaker 3 for prototyping and small-scale production and need an overview of pending print jobs in one intuitive interface.

The user experience of Cura Connect is optimized for group sizes of one to 15 people sharing one to five printers, but because of its flexibility and scalability, it is suitable for various environments, from a small office to a large enterprise.