Unique machine for 3D metal printing at VŠB-TUO

In view of the fact that costs of metal printing are really high we can find these special machines only at some universities. VŠB-TUO is the only university in the Moravian-Silesian region that has this machine. University’s main target is to allow students access to these innovative technologies. The university made an intensive connection with Renishaw Company and together they’ve built a new workspace at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The company lent the special machine worth 15 million Czech crowns to this laboratory for scientific researches. The department of Machine Parts and Mechanisms is responsible for the laboratory.

The cooperation will be visible in many 3D printing field. Apart from 3D metal printing of individual parts, university wants to test metal powder as well. It is possible to print alloys of titanium, aluminium, copper and corrosion-resistant steel. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is planning to implement subject for Master’s and Doctoral students.

“The cooperation with this technology will lead across the whole university because 3D metal printing is also connected with other technological processes, for example in construction, fortification analysis, mechanical testing, machining, completion methods, superficial measuring and control,” said Ivo Hlavatý, Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. “Next process which we want to focus on is research, development and testing of own metal powders,” added Hlavatý.