UNYQ launches 3 new personalized products for gamers

UNYQ is pleased to announce the launch of three new personalized products for the global gaming community in collaboration with the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. The products are part of IKEA and UNYQ’s broader collection titled UPPKOPPLA, meaning ‘online’, and will comprise a series of products to improve the gaming experience and surrounding life at home. UNYQ unveiled these new products recently at IKEA’s annual Democratic Design Day in Älmhult, southern Sweden.

The gaming-focused line will initially include three personalized products:

  • A biometric wrist support which maintains the correct height of the gamers’ wrist to the keyboard, reducing strain on their tendons;
  • Soft pliable, vented keycaps which make the keyboard feel like a physical extension of a gamers’ fingers; and
  • A portable mouse “bungee” which clamps the users’ mouse cable in place, preventing tangling and enabling full freedom of movement.

While the collaboration is initially focused on the gaming community, the two companies see the opportunity to leverage this concept across a range of sectors, tapping into other underserved communities, with varying interests, unique preferences, and specific needs.