Victrex develops new PAEK products designed for AM

Victrex is progressing solutions for Additive Manufacturing: Design optimized bio-mimetic bracket –3-D printed from new VICTREX™ PAEK Polymer. © 3T-RPD

PEEK polymer pioneer Victrex is preparing newly developed materials for Additive Manufacturing (AM). The first of these is a high strength material for laser sintering (LS) which attains lower refresh rates, resulting in improved recycling for unsintered powder. The second is a filament with better Z-strength than existing PolyArylEtherKetone (PAEK) materials and better printability for filament fusion (FF).

The PAEK incumbent materials were designed for conventional manufacturing methods, such as machining and injection molding.

The new polymer grades developed by Victrex have shown encouragingly low refresh rates with similar mechanical properties in LS, and in FF good mechanical properties and printability.

Victrex is leading a consortium of companies and institutions and was awarded funding from the UK’s agency for innovation, Innovate UK to carry out intensive pioneering research and development to advance AM technologies.

EOS has recently released a new automation-ready manufacturing platform for laser sintering of plastic parts on an industrial scale (EOS P 500) with the capability to print high-performance polymers at high temperatures.